New Criminal Girls: INVITATION Info and Screenshots Introduce Punishment Methods, Naughty Animations

New Criminal Girls: INVITATION Info and Screenshots Introduce Punishment Methods, Naughty Animations

Today Nippon Ichi Software released a batch of new information, artwork and screenshots of the upcoming PS Vita exclusive JRPG Criminal Girls: INVITATION.

As usual with this game, I’ll repeat the warning from my latest post about it: the imagery and themes included in this article could be considered not safe for work in quite a few workplaces. Also, if fanservice with some serious BDSM undertones offends you, you better skip this altogether because your head is probably just going to implode.

Today we get to see more about the punishment minigame that will allow the player to “discipline” the girls using the touch features of the PS Vita. Body parts that get touched will redden up, clothes that get rubbed will become tighter, skin will start glistening with sweat and fabric will become partly see-through. The girls will also show a different reaction depending on whether you touch the front screen or the rear one.

The graphics powered by Live2D will show smooth, seamless animations with movements of the body and limbs, different facial expressions and “realistic” (yeah, sure) skin complexions.

You’ll be able to use the crop on the girls by tapping the screen on the area you want to hit, while the electric rod will be used by sliding the finger across the screen. By using the rear touch panel you can make the girl turn around, and different intensity of touch will change the result.


Different costumes will be available, like gym clothes and sweaters, in addition to accessories like animal ears and tails. The punishment process will also “level up,” and when that’ll happen each girl’s clothes will become more revealing. The level of exposure will be proportional to the level of punishment. According to the press release more information on this will be revealed with the next announcement.

You’ll even be able to use items like masks and blindfolds to muffle the voice of the girl, or to prevent her from seeing (and she’ll react by commenting on that, or by mumbling).

Moving on from the naughty to the nice, after a girl will open her heart to you, she’ll make a request. When that request will be fulfilled she’ll become more friendly towards the player, and as a result the consumption of MP to use skills in battle (because yes, we’re still talking about a JRPG, after all) will be reduced.

Below you can check out a gallery of screenshots and artwork showcasing what was described above. Again, some may be definitely considered not safe for work in some workplaces. you’ve been warned.