New Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset Is Pretty Sweet-Looking

Cyber Snipa just announced their latest headset, the Sonar 5.1 Championship, and it’s looking pretty boss. According to Cyber Snipa, the headset will feature:

  • 8 individual drivers to true multi-directional audio response
  • Robust headband construction with mesh padding for improved airflow
  • Circumaural memory foam and velour cushions for extended gaming comfort
  • Extra long flexible boom mic with noise cancelling
  • 3 m USB cable with in-line multimedia control
  • 3D positional audio software

And on top of all that, the design is very good-looking, perfect for impressing the ladies at the LAN parties. The headset should be hitting stores later this month at a price of $79.95. Seems like a good price for a quality headset.

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Justin Hutchison

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