New D-Day Content Available Now for Red Heroes of the West, a Red Orchestra Mod

June 6, 2016

Heroes of the West, the community-made mod for Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm has recieved a new D-Day content update today, Tripwire has announced. The update coincides with 72 anniversary of the Allied landing in Normandy on D-Day and includes two new maps.

The first is a combined arms map featuring the British forces in a tough fight to break out of the Normandy Beachhead in the summer of 1944. The map, titled Caen Outskirts, also introduces new British Bren Carrier troop transport.

The second map, Hill 400, recreates the freezing fighting conditions of the winter of 1944 with the 2d Ranger Battalion struggling against Axis forces in the Hurtgen Forest.

This update also comes with numerous balance, technical and other additions.


  • Extended E Objective towards Defenders Side
  • Added 2 Seconds to F Objective Capture time
  • Added Cover to D Objective Approach for Defenders
  • Moved Defenders Spawn for D Objective closer
  • Added Cover near Final Defender’s Spawn to approach last capzones
  • Added Radio near Final Allies Spawns
  • Adjusted Axis Roles

    Omaha Beach:

  • Reordered Letters for D, E, F Objectives
  • Added new Spawn Zone for Attackers once D is captured
  • Added Radioman Role to Allies
  • Adjusted Axis Roles

    Port Brest:

  • Removed one Axis Spawn zone for Objective D
  • Added Allies Spawn Zone for Objective C
  • Expanded Spawn Zone Protection after B is captured
  • Added Cover to B Objective Approach
  • Added Cover to C Objective Approach
  • Removed some walls in alleyways
  • Removed Fixed MG in Objective D
  • Added Radioman to Allies
  • Added an additional BAR, MG, and 2 Engineer Roles to Allies
  • Adjusted Axis Roles
  • Added Cover for attackers near B Objective
  • Shifted C Cap slightly towards Attackers
  • Added open building near Fountain for Attackers to attack D from.


  • Adjusted Axis Roles


Role changes:
  • Axis Engineer G43 replaced by Kar98, Shotgun replaced by carbine. AT grenade added.
  • Axis Rifleman Hero garand replaced by springfield, Springfield no longer frontline upgrade.
  • Axis Squad leader has Kar98 added.
  • Axis Assault no longer has access to the STG44
  • Axis Radioman now uses MP40.
  • Allied Radioman now uses Carbine and M3.
  • Axis Elite Assault added.

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer


Other Changes:
  • STG44 fire rate changed from 600rpm to 550rpm.
  • MP40/I removed (This is the Dual Mag version)
  • Sten gun now has a single shot function.
  • Allies on Omaha beach now have Assault jackets.
  • A Few weapons renamed to better represent them.
  • Players can now accumulate game hours through Steam.
  • Added German Splintertarn helmet covers.


Bug fixes:
  • Divisional shoulder patches now show up in online games.
  • Sten bolt no longer detaches from the weapon while blindfiring.
  • German “Spiderman” gear bug fixed.
  • German Marksman level 5 no longer spawns with a japanese helmet.
  • SMi44 Mine kill icon resized to fit.
  • Bren alt fire removed.
  • Game mode now properly displays in webadmin.
  • German Eagle now shows on chest for all variations.
  • Germans no longer turn invisible in the halftrack.
  • PIAT launcher is now empty when fired.
  • Enfield bolt animation no longer jolts into place when manual bolting fast.
  • Germans, British, and American Army soldiers now bleed correctly when dismembered/decapitated.
  • Fixed American Airborne’s 1st person arms being US marines arms.
  • Fixed texture bugs on German Hero and some Highly decorated uniform variations.

Tripwire is also offering a 75% off sale for Red Orchestra, Red Orchestra 2, and Rising Storm. The sale runs from Monday June 6 at 10AM PST/1PM EST through Wednesday, June 8 at 10AM PST/ 1PM EST.

You can check out some screenshots of the update down below.

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