New Dante is Half Angel and Demon, Call it Angel May Cry

on November 1, 2011 6:00 PM

Ninja Theory’s forthcoming reboot of the Devil May Cry series has been met widely by disapproval. This is mostly (though not only) due to the redesign of series front man Dante from a recognizable gaming icon to a skimpy little emo kid who smokes. Today we learn that his appearance is just on of the few things that NT will be changing about Dante, because they’ll also be changing his backstory. Series fans know and love Dante as a half demon and son of Sparda, the demon king. Now he’s half demon and half…angel:

“His hair color and the fact he’s half-angel, half-devil are both changes from previous games,”

The quote comes from ¬†an interview featuring Game Director Tameem Antoniades. The Ninja Theory team also promises a wider variety of weapons than “just the pair of guns you usually have”. Um, sorry, we usually have a lot more than just a pair of guns in a DMC game, and perhaps that is why we may find a large variety of weapons. Ninja Theory is virtually playing Russion Roulette with the forthcoming DMC title. Either existing fans will like it or they won’t and if it’s the latter, then expect bad things for the 2012 HD console shindig.


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