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New Days Gone Update Lets Players Run Over Freakers in a Golf Cart

Thanks to a new update for Days Gone, players can ride in a golf cart and run over freakers along the way.

Following the launch of Days Gone, the latest title from Bend Studio, a new DLC challenge is available now called “Dead Don’t Ride.”

The new challenge has players riding in a golf cart as they travel through Belknap and pick up survivors along the way. The video showcasing the new challenge includes tips such as using the unlimited boost, drifting to get extra XP, and making sure to run over Swarmers to earn more time. Additionally, the challenge will feature a unique soundtrack that’s only available in the challenge.

Previously, Bend Studio announced that free DLC challenges would be coming to the game this summer along with a harder difficulty mode and bike decals inspired by Uncharted 4. The addition of weekly challenges comes after a patch 1.21 was released in June which also included bug fixes among other things.

As someone who’s enjoyed their time with Days Gone, the idea of riding in a golf cart is something I never knew I needed until now. Challenges like these keep it fresh and interesting for players that want to get more out of Days Gone.

Days Gone and its “Dead Don’t Ride!” update are available now on PlayStation 4.

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