New Dead or Alive 5 Character Honoka Gets Sexy Bikini Screenshots to Show Off Her Massive 99 Cm Bust

New Dead or Alive 5 Character Honoka Gets Sexy Bikini Screenshots to Show Off Her Massive 99 Cm Bust

The new Dead or Alive 5: Last Round character Honoka raised a few eyebrows with her introduction on Famitsu boasting the “biggest chest” among the cast of the game, and the screenshots posted two days ago seem to indeed identify her as a real contender.

Yet, you’d think she might not stand a chance against “assets” queens like Rachel or Tina.

Well, think again. She does beat them all according to the sizes published by Koei Tecmo on the official website (expressed in centimeters, bust, waist and hips respectively), with a 99 cm bust, which equals to roughly 39 inches.

If breast size is a detail you care about when selecting your favorite heroine, here’s a handy ranking for you:

  1. Honoka: B99 W58 H91
  2. Rachel: B96 W60 H92
  3. Tina: B95 W60 H89
  4. Nyotengu: B93 W58 H88
  5. Christie: B93 W59 H88
  6. Ayame: B93 W54 H84
  7. Momiji: B92 W58 H88
  8. La Mariposa: B92 W56 H86
  9. Hitomi: B90 W58 H85
  10. Helena: B90 W56 H86
  11. Kokoro: B90 W55 H87
  12. Phase 4: B89 W54 H85
  13. Kasumi: B89 W54 H85
  14. LeiFang: B87 W55 H86
  15. Mila: B87 W54 H87
  16. Marie Rose: B74 W56 H78
  17. Alpha 152: Unknown
  18. Sarah: N/A
  19. Pai Chan: N/A

Interestingly, Sega’s Virtua Fighter characters don’t get their sizes to be publicized.

Here are Honoka’s official stats. Before you feel too guilty for oogling (Because I know you are), don’t worry. She’s of legal age:

Country: Japan
Sex: Female
School of combat: Honoka Fu
Age: 18
Birthday: March 24
Blood type: AB
Height/Weight: 150cm/45kg
Measurements: Bust: 99 cm; Waist: 58 cm; Hips: 91 cm
Occupation: Student
Favorite food: Whipped cream puffs
Hobbies: Watching pro wrestling matches and martial arts movies; taking hot baths

To give a better glimpse on Honoka’s undeniable “assets,” the publisher also released four new pictures, three of which showing Honoka in two rather sexy bikinis (the yellow one is part of the set included in the Japanese collector’s edition).

One thing is for sure: that much publicized front bumper must be lighter than it looks, considering that she weighs only 45 kilograms (99 lb), beaten only by the slim Marie Rose with her 39 Kg.

I definitely don’t envy her. She must get some horrible back pains…