New Destiny “Treasure Cave” Found: Will Let You Farm Like the Nerf Never Happened

New Destiny “Treasure Cave” Found: Will Let You Farm Like the Nerf Never Happened

After yesterday’s nerf of the legendary Destiny “loot cave” by Bungie many have been scrambling to find a viable alternative. While the original one is still viable (especially if your aim isn’t too good) , another cave has been found, sporting the same accelerated six second spawn of the original.

The new cave is in an area called “The rocketyard” close to the entrance of the “Devil’s Lair” Strike. Before reaching the entrance there are two open areas. The one closest to the entrance has two Hive knights in a small pond. The one slightly further than that has hive Battling the Fallen across a stream. That’s where you need to be.

To correctly start the spawnfest you need to exterminate everyone around you. The best way to do it is to stand on the stream, and kill both Fallen and Hive. Standing there will stop the spawn of both factions and will give you time to position.

Once they’re all dead, go stand on the little staircase near the Russian logo in the picture below.


Then,  turn around and aim all the way across the area, to a door on the other side of the open area. It’s quite far, so you need a good scout rifle and decent aim. Four dregs and a Vandal will start streaming out at a constant rate, respawning every six seconds. If your aim isn’t perfect don’t worry too much. You’ll have plenty chances to pick them out as they walk towards the stream.


Once your clip is empty, go pick up ammo and loot, then repeat the process. You’ll probably need to clear the Hive again, as they’ll respawn as soon as you cross the stream. Stand on the Fallen side as you do so, to prevent them from spawning before you have time to position.


That’s it, ladies and gentlemen. Happy farming. At least until Bungie notices and nerfes this one as well. And then people will just find another, rinse and repeat.

[Thanks for the tip: VenomI]