New Details and Screens for Yakuza Ishin's "Another Life Mode," the Protagonist's Home Away from Home

Sega has revealed more information on Yakuza Ishin’s “Another Life Mode,” which allows the protagonist to partake in relaxing activities such as fishing, gardening, taking care of pets or just spending time with Haruka. The mode is meant to be a breather for the player and let’s Ryoma take a break from all the hustle and bustle of Kyoto.

In Another Life, Ryoma has purchased a second home, which includes lovely amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom and a large field. He can earn extra money to buy new equipment, get extra items, train to strengthen his body and recover his stamina.

Of course the adorable Haruka will be living with Ryoma and she will help with cleaning and maintaining the house. Over time their relationship can grow and develop as parent and child. If trust between them is high enough, Haruka will even clean Ryoma’s ears (which is often done in Japan among very close family members) and send him off each day. A heart-warming event called “Calm Event” might occur as well.

It’s possible to grow a garden in the second home. Players must plan out the vegetables grown in the garden and what area they will occupy, since field space is limited. The item fertilizer will allow for an immediately harvest and the Scarecrow item will keep birds from damaging your crops. There will be more than 20 different vegetables to grow.

Fishing is another activity for busy Ryoma and he can partake in either sea or river fishing, each area netting him unique types of fish. There is a variety of fishing equipment to collect and use that will be helpful for different kinds of fish.

You’re probably wondering what the point of doing all this fishing and gardening is. Well, you can take your spoils and cook with them, making delicious meals for yourself. Using commands such as “cut,” “bake” and “pour” at the correct time will result in a completed food item. These food items having major strategic benefits in battle; you can heal Ryoma’s stamina, increase his strength and award him with special abilities–especially useful if food is eaten right before boss battles. There will be more than 20 types of cuisines and players can increase the kitchen’s facilities to allow for more kinds of food items to be made. Obtaining recipes in the city is also possible, which increases the menu’s diversity even more.

Harvested vegetables can also be peddled in town to make money and the more you sell them, the more your clientele will increase. A few rich clients will even give you rare equipment materials instead of the normal payment. Money earned can also be used to purchase your own equipment.

Last but not least, we have pets. Ryoma can tame stray cats and dogs and make them his pets, up to a maximum of three. Playing and feeding your pet increases their affection toward you. Pets can find rare items, such as weapon material; item quality increases the higher their affection is. Check out the screens posted below to get a good sense of the game’s Another Life Mode.

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