New Details from The Last of Us Have Arrived

New Details from The Last of Us Have Arrived

Thanks to Naughty Dog, now we can put some of our wild speculations to rest. In conjunction with next month’s issue of Game Informer, fans will be delighted to know that a plethora of game details have surfaced on the web. A couple days ago, Game Informer treated us to the first in-game screenshots of the game and simultaneously unhinged our jaws.

It was like Uncharted on steroids.

Naughty Dog calls this game “genre-defining” and every day I believe it more and more. They might just revolutionize AI in gaming…imagine that.  Let the juicy details begin!

  • A part of the game will take place in Pittsburg
  • Weapons will degrade after extensive use and eventually break, forcing players to scavenge for fresh supplies.
  • Players will not be able to control Ellie but Naughty Dog has put a lot of focus on her AI. Game Informer says that Ellie carried her weight in the demo they played.
  • Online has been confirmed. No co-op play however.
  • Combat was inspired by Anton Chigurh’s intense gun battle with Llewelyn Moss, (No Country for Old Men) using ambient noises, exhausted breathing and gunshots to compliment lack of music.
  • Naughty Dog calls AI system “Balance of Power”; they adapt and react dynamically to whoever has the upper hand in a fight situation.
  • The infected creatures, as seen on the teaser trailer, come up later in the game. First encounters are with humans and different factions of survival.

What surprises you the most about this outburst of information? I’m really interested in how they incorporate the online component of the game. Competitive play?