New Details on MLB 13 The Show Released

Baseball season is fast approaching and MLB 13 The Show will be seeing release for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on March 5th. To get baseball fans ready, new information on MLB 13 The Show has been released detailing the Road to the Show mode.

This year there was more focus put on the progress and achievements of players and create a sense of actually being on the field playing. To accomplish this, fielding and baserunning cameras have been revamped to give a realistic perspective while on the field. There are also new field controls that allow for more a of challenge and more chances to play certain positions. The new simulator screen will show player’s appearances, provide the option to select from three different simulation speeds, and the ability to watch the game from a player’s location on the field or in the dugout.

In creating further immersion, players can now play in first-person audio that allows no commentators to be heard during play and only the sounds of the game to be heard. Players will also have the ability to customize how their player’s batting animations from follow-through to walk-up to home run swing.

There have been several other improvements made to the game based on feedback of players. Training points will be earned for achievements like the first home run hit. Advancement Goals in the game have also been adjusted so that pitchers have no batting goals. Catchers will have a quicker streamlined pitch calling system. The camera in the dugout will stay in the dugout and not follow the ball in a field perspective.

MLB 13 The Show is making improvements that any baseball fan would be crazy to miss out on. Gamers will have the ability to play MLB 13 The Show  anywhere when the game is released on March 5th but until then check out the trailer below.

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