New Details on Shadow Characters and More Location Test Screenshots Released for Persona 4: Arena

on August 16, 2013 4:33 AM

The Persona 4: Arena sequel/update adds playable shadow versions of each character. More details on these characters have emerged from the ongoing location test. Shadow characters begin each round with full SP gauges and they have access to a special “Shadow Fury” mode. When a shadow character enters Shadow Fury mode, their SP gauge will slowly drain away, but until the gauge is fully depleted the character can use SP skill attacks or super attacks as many times as they like, regardless of SP requirements.

However, all of that power comes at a price, as shadow characters do not have access to the game’s burst technique, which is a very important resource when faced with relentless pressure from the opponent.

Essentially, shadow characters will have unlimited access to super attacks for a limited amount of time – for as long as Shadow Fury lasts. I’m very interested in seeing how players will utilize Shadow Fury mode.¬†Furthermore, shadow characters have unique commands compared to the regular characters, and, unlike the regular cast, their SP gauge rolls over from round to round.

Also, more screenshots from the location tests have been shared and you can check these out below. These screens, courtesy of Dengeki Online and 4Gamer, give us a peek at the character portraits and super cards of some of the shadow characters, a couple of Yukari’s color palettes, a sleek new game over screen and some game-play.

It should also be noted that the Persona 3 characters also have shadow versions of themselves, although this was not the case in the Persona 3 JRPG. This could be another hint towards a continued story from vanilla Persona Arena.


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