New Details on The Elder Scrolls Online Bring Echoes of RvR

New Details on The Elder Scrolls Online Bring Echoes of RvR

Yes, I know I should not use the definition Realm vs Realm, as it’s trademarked by Electronic Arts, but no matter how you call it, the factional warfare in The Elder Scrolls Online sounds like the true successor to the endless hours of fun that I enjoyed back in the times of Dark Age of Camelot. Of course the fact that Matt Firor, one of DAOC‘s daddies, is at the helm of TESO makes me feel even better about that feeling.

ZeniMax Online Studios released a new batch of information on Cyrodiil, that will serve as the RvR…ahem…factional warfare (whatever!) zone in the game. Apparently it’ll still include plenty PvE content like repeatable quests to help the citizens of several well known towns like Cheydinhal and Bruma, dungeons to explore in search of treasure and artifacts, and crafting resources to gather.

The Mages Guild and the Fighters Guild will also assign quests to protect ancient tomes of knowledge and to banish the Dark Anchors of Molag Bal.

Of course the main dish of Cyrodiil will be the RvR (yeah, deal with it) campaign, or campaigns. There will be several going on at the same time, probably due to the MegaServer structure, but anyone will be able to “visit” friends’ campaigns in order to lend help, or even switch to another at a cost.

According to the developer each campaign will span a month or more, and will have a chance to be closely fought until the very end.

Taking part in a campaign will earn players gold, experience and Alliance Points, that will in turn grant armor, weapons and advancement in dedicated skill lines focused on fighting, leading or warfare expertise (I’m guessing this means the use of siege engines and fortifications). Some of the bonuses will also extend to the whole alliance.

You can read the whole post here while we wait for the second part, that will focus on keep warfare and siege weapons. For Albion! Ahem…I meant for the Daggerfall Covenant…obviously.