New Detective Pikachu Trailer Highlights the Titular Character

New Detective Pikachu Trailer Highlights the Titular Character

Check out the newest trailer for Detective Pikachu ahead of next week's launch.

Detective Pikachu is less than a week away from finally launching in the west and Nintendo is capitalizing on that excitement with a new video.

Detective Pikachu recently received a new trailer that is centered around, well, Detective Pikachu. This video highlights the titular character in the game as well as giving us an idea as to his character traits. If you ever wondered why so many people wanted Danny Devito to voice the character in the western release of the game, then the deep voice and short temper that is shown in these brief clips should give you a better idea as to why that potential casting gained so much steam. Unfortunately, it didn’t come to fruition.

The plot behind Detective Pikachu focuses on a young boy named Tim who one day meets the gruff, sleuthing Pikachu. Together, the two team up to begin solving mysteries within Ryme City, where Pokemon are running rampant. Along the way, Detective Pikachu helps Tim search for his father in the city who has gone missing.

You can find the newest trailer showcasing the boisterous Detective Pikachu at the bottom of the page. Detective Pikachu will be arriving next Friday, March 23, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.