New Dishonored Gameplay Trailer Shows Multiple Ways To Make A Daring Escape

on July 26, 2012 11:57 AM

Bethesda recently released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming first person title, Dishonored. The protagonist, Corvo, has successfully infiltrated Boyle Mansion but things have gone a little pants-on-head crazy and the city watch is after him. Luckily, Corvo’s great abilities grant him multiple ways to get out of the situation.

By using the a teleport-like ability called Blink, Corbo can long jump his way out of Boyle Mansion to escape capture. That seems pretty straightforward though, so they showed off two more interesting ways to get out of a bad situation. The “Sleep Tight” escape shows off the ability to bend time, knocking enemies out while they’re none the wiser. Lastly, the “Chain Posession” escape uses the aptly named Posession ability to jump from person to person undetected, only seen by enemies for a brief second while jumping from host to host. You can view the gameplay trailer below.

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