New Divinity: Original Sin Update; Stretch Goal of 700K Reached and Gameplay LiveStream Announced

on April 24, 2013 4:09 PM

With less than 48 hours to go, Divinity: Original Sin has broken their $700,000 stretch goal in their latest update, which gives series composer Kirill Pokrovsky his very own orchestra to play with (and of course to compose Original Sin‘s entire soundtrack with).

Meanwhile, in the latest video update, Larian Studios actually remade a level of Divine Divinity using the new toolset from Original Sin in order to show off the power of the in-game level editor. The self-created levels can then be played with friends in multiplayer, which gives the game even more depth and re-playability.

And more great news: in the last four hours of the Kickstarter campaign, Sven Vincke himself will host a gameplay livestream of Original Sin, with never before seen footage (excitement!). I’ve posted a couple pieces of new concept art along with the update video to tide you all over until tomorrow.

And as always, if you still want to support this campaign, you can go here to donate. Keeping my fingers crossed for the $800,000 stretch goal, which makes henchmen companions (with their own goals, background stories and personalities).

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