New Documentary "Pixel Heart" Opens Crowdfunding Project, Focuses on Game Devs from LittleBigPlanet, Journey, and More

Following the success and acclaim of video game-focused documentaries like Indie Game: The Movie and the upcoming Kickstarted series Outerlands, a new documentary titled Pixel Heart is seeking crowdfunding sources to cover six stories from the game development scene.

Directed by a French filmmaker and focusing on the lives of six game developers across six continents, such as Mark Healey (Media Molecule), Edmundo Bordeu (Zeno Clash), Robin Hunicke (Journey), and others as they take viewers through the process of developing a video game, using previously-released titles as a backstory while also focusing on the current culture of video game development. In addition to the 90-minute+ feature, the developers in the game will also be working on creating new games shown throughout the development of the film, and will be released to coincide with the film.

The film’s director, known as Charles on the film’s official website, writes of the film:

As a kid I had no idea how to develop a game. I used to imagine it was the result of an impenetrable technical process. After spending enough time in the gaming world, I realized that, yeah, there’s technical stuff but there’s actually a whole lot more to it. People are really the heart and soul of game development. It might start with just an idea from one person but it will take a whole team of crazy geniuses to handle the project in order to make it a game. These creators work with all their passion, they struggle with challenges, and through this collective process they create their masterpiece. Often, the media forget that making games is all about creativity and that real people are behind everything… whether it be mainstream or indie productions.

Currently, the film is collecting donations through crowdfunding on Ulele, which is accepting support on the film’s official website: currently, the project has collected 5,672 from a goal of €60,000 (about $83,000 US). 

You can check out the project site for Pixel Heart here, as well as taking a look at the full teaser video for the upcoming documentary below:

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