New Double Dragon IV Details Revealed via its Website

January 23, 2017

As you may remember, back in December Japanese developer Arc System Works announced that to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Double Dragon series, it was bringing a direct sequel, Double Dragon IV, to the series and to PS4 and PC. A few days later, the developer released a press release, revealing that the game would hit in North America on PS4 on January 29th (Japan on January 30th) and on PC on January 30th (Japan on January 31st).

Today, Arc revealed, via its newly launched website, some new details on the game’s story mode, two-player duel mode, and challenge tower mode.

Let’s begin with the new details on the game’s Story Mode: a continuation of the story from Double Dragon II: The Revenge. What we now know from the website is that the Story Mode will feature new enemies, as well as a new co-op mode. Additionally, we know that players (initially) will be able to choose from Jimmy or Billy as playable characters, but as players progress through the new tower mode, they will unlock new playable characters to use.


As for the Tower Mode, it’s a wave-based challenge mode that features no continues. In it, players will fight their way up the tower, and again, unlock new characters as they go.

Lastly there is the two-player Duel Mode, an adversarial mode that is exactly how it sounds, a mode where two players play against each other.

Beyond new details on the game’s modes and story, the website also reveals that Double Dragon IV will support the PS4 Share Play feature, and allow two PlayStation Plus subscribers to play together for up to one hour, even if only one of the players has purchased the game.

A price point has not been divulged.


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