New Dragon Quest X Information and Screenshots Introduce the Dancer

New Dragon Quest X Information and Screenshots Introduce the Dancer

Square Enix Released Today a New Batch of Information on the upcoming Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online, focusing mainly on the Dancer class (last week they showcased the Warrior) and some of the monsters that will populate the game.

Dancers are a nimble and strong damager class, that use three different weapons of choice: Claws, fans and staffs (which, I guess, will make them Pole Dancers…). They can equip only cloth armor, to allow for more freedom of movement, since their body is their true weapon, and they cannot hinder it with bulky defenses.

The names of both their weapons and their techniques are inspired by animals like Cats, Leopards and Tigers, and they relying on hitting fast and with grace and not getting hit themselves. They also have the “Kiai” skill, that allows them to draw upon their inner strenght to massively increase the power of their attacks.


Showcased today are also two new monsters and three returning ones. The new ones are the Rope Doll, able to entangle characters despite their small body and the Hellcatcher,a masked mercenary wearing heavy armor and wielding large weapons.

The familiar faces from previous Dragon Quest games are the Hammerhood the Treevil and the Archdemon.

You can see all the new screenshots in the gallery below.