New Dragon Quest X Screenshots and Info Introduce the Elves and the Eltona Continent

Square Enix promised to introduce a race and a region of Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online a week, and they are doing just that. Today they released a new batch of information and screenshots showcasing the race of the Elves and their home region, the Eltona continent.

Eltona is mostly covered in lush forests and green grasslands, spotted with Elven villages built in a peculiar style similar to that of asian Architectures, with predominantly wooden buildings and pagodas. The Elves respect nature and tradition, and that’s why they amass knowledge and wisdom over the generations and build vast libraries in their towns.

In addition to this, some info has been given about cities and NPCs: cities will be very large, and have a large amount of NPC characters. Talking to them will be important, as they will give information about the surroundings. They will have blue names in order to distinguish them from player characters.

In addition to this NPCs that can be spoken to have an icon over their head. If the icon is white, then the dialogue they offer is purely informative. If the icon is pink then the character is crucial to the completion of quests or the main story.

You can see the new screenshots in the gallery past the cut:

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