New Dragon Quest X Screenshots and Information Showcase the Mage and Crafting

on December 14, 2011 10:40 PM

Today Square Enix released a batch of new information and screenshots of Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online, that will be released both on Wii and (subsequently) on the Wii U.

Introduced this time is the Mage class, that can cast powerful attack spells that will sound familiar to veteran Dragon Quest players, like Merazoma (localized in the west as Karfizzle in Dragon Quest from III to VIII and Karfizz in IX), Ionazun (Kaboom or Explodet in the English versions of the series), movement spells like Riremito (Evac or Outside in previous English localizations) will also be available, and defensive spells like Mahokanta (Bounce) will complete their powers. 

Mages will be able to equip three kind of weapons like all other classes: Dagger, Wands and Staffs. Using a staff a mage can also absorb the Mana of enemies while attacking. While mages won’t be healers, they will have access to emergency recovery skills. They won’t be able to support a party by themselves, though.

New Dragon Quest X Screenshots and Information Showcase the Mage and Crafting

Using a dagger a mage will be able to add further effects to his attacks, like poison for instance.

Dragon Quest X will also include a full fledged crafting system. By joining different artisan guilds, it will be possible to learn different crafting skills and to create items with them.

Joining a guild will also grant access to the facilities needed to craft and to the recipes for various items. The crafting skills available with the launch of the game will be: Blacksmith, Carpenter, Alchemist and Tailor. Crafters will be able to trade or sell their creations however they like.

New Dragon Quest X Screenshots and Information Showcase the Mage and Crafting

Crafting will be done through a quite complex minigame, that will require tactics and timing. Different feats that can be learned will also influence the result. It will be possible to create high quality items when a critical success happens. As the level of craftmanship will grow the minigame will become more complex, allowing to create advanced items.

Materials will be available in various ways, some will be available for purchase, some others will be scattered on the battlefield and will have to be gathered.

You can see all the screenshots released today in the gallery below.

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