New Dragon’s Dogma Clips Highlight Warrior and Sorcerer Classes

on March 4, 2012 4:00 PM

Capcom-Unity’s developer’s blog posted a handful of new videos and some notes on the Warrior and Sorcerer classes in Dragon’s Dogma, giving fantasy enthusiasts a taste of things to come. Neither class seems to be a great departure from the established norms, but the video clips look great.

The warrior is a strong defensive class, the advanced form of the fighter, and is good for dealing heavy damage to single targets, staggering large opponents, and scattering small groups of enemies via the application of gigantic melee weapons. [read on to see the clips for yourself]

Director Hideaki Itsuno says of the class: “I think the main use for warriors will be to deliver heavy attacks in the opening made by characters of other vocations. Using them during such chances in boss fights can deal some really devastating damage. But you’ll need to know where an enemy’s weak points are and hammer them with powerful successive attacks when you have an opening.

The Sorcerer, an advanced mage, might be slow to cast spells — but once these babies go off, they’re devastating. Certain spells are powerful enough to cause one-hit kills, while others like the Maelstrom deal damage over a wide area.

Itsuno lauds sorcerers as one of the strongest classes in the game in terms of dealing damage, but warns that “it takes a surprising amount of technique to use them to their full ability,” and “they are pathetically weak against enemies that are resistant to magickal attacks.”

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