New Dynasty Warriors 9 Information Coming on May 11th

New Dynasty Warriors 9 Information Coming on May 11th

The next reveal of Dynasty Warrior 9 now has a precise date.

A few days ago, Dynasty Warriors series Producer Akihiro Suzuki announced that new information on Dynasty Warriors 9 would come in May, and today we get to know the precise day, thanks to another post on the franchise’s official Twitter account.

The tweet mentions that more information on the game will come on May 11th. Being a Thursday, it’s likely that it’ll be on Famitsu.

The game, that is titled Shin Sangokumusou 8 in Japan(hence the “8” in the logo above), will probably appear on PS4 due to the participation of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia President Atsushi Morita in the first announcement. That said, we don’t know the full extent of the platforms for the moment. It’s likely that we’ll learn about them on the 11th.

If you want to see the little we have for now, you can check out the initial announcement with a few images and a teaser.