New ESRB Listing Appears for The Witness on Xbox One (UPDATE)

on January 18, 2016 9:53 AM

[UPDATE – 1/19/16] The Witness developer Jonathan Blow has officially confirmed that “there are no plans right now for an XB1 version of The Witness,” following the earlier speculation and reports that an Xbox One version would be coming due to an ESRB listing for the title.

Blow commented that the Xbox One listing for the game was just a precautionary measure, explaining “we just put that on the rating form so if we ever do XB1, we won’t have to get the game re-rated,” indicating that at this time the title is only set for PS4, PC, and iOS this year (for now).

Original story below:

After a long period of development, the highly-anticipated puzzle title The Witness from Braid creator Jonathan Blow is finally due to release at the end of the month for PS4 and PC, though it may seem that the title will extend its platform reach down the line.

In an updated listing from the ESRB for The Witness, an Xbox One version of the title was also listed among the PS4 and PC versions of the game, indicating that the title may indeed come to Xbox One down the line, though no specific release date or timeframe was revealed at this time.

The Witness was originally introduced back in 2009, though since then the title had a protracted development cycle leading up to its final release at the end of January.

Though the title is currently expected as a timed PlayStation exclusive, the game’s website mentions that the title would be coming “to other platforms a bit later,” and the title will also be coming to iOS shortly after the PS4 and PC release.

The Witness will release for PS4 and PC on January 26th, 2016, followed by a release on iOS shortly after. An Xbox One version of the title does also seem to be in development as well, according to the ESRB listing.

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