New EverQuest II Skyshrine Updates in April

on March 13, 2012 6:30 PM

In a little over a month (April 17, to be exact) EverQuest II will be getting some massive updates, especially for those with the Destiny of Velious expansion. The Skyshrine expansion will have players aiding the armies of Norrath in order to take down the corrupt Withered Lands and save the city.

New features for those with the expansion include an increase in the level cap to 92, the new Withered Lands zone with more than 100 new quests and plenty of new content, the ability to fight your way through Skyshrine, new storyline events, class talents, tradeskill quests and the new Drake mount. Those with the Age of Discovery expansion will also get the Poet’s Palace Dungeon Maker theme and items, new adventures, tradeskill apprentices, elite mercenaries and new warders.

The update drops mid-April, so if you’re an EverQuest player, you’ve got a month of waiting to get through.

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