New Fable Card Game, Fable Fortune, Announced; Headed to Kickstarter Tommorrow

on May 30, 2016 11:20 AM

Today IGN revealed that Lionhead had been developing a digital card game, Fable Fortune, before the studios closure.  Luckily, after the studio shut down, Microsoft allowed a new studio of former Lionhead employees, Flaming Fowl Studios, to continue development of the game.

Fable Fortune was actually pitched years ago as a part of Fable 2, but was cut.  Fable Fortune was revived in late 2014, but production once again halted when Lionhead Studios was shut down.

The game will have players choosing from eight heroes and fighting other players, trying to reduce their health to zero, similar to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.  The game does change things up though, with a 3D art style, an online co-op mode that lets players work together to fight AI “bosses”, and a leveling system for the player’s cards.

While Microsoft has given its backing to the project, the team still does not have a publisher, so they are headed to Kickstater to accumulate funds for the game.

The Kickstarter campaign will begin tomorrow, May 31st at 10am EST/7amPST.  They hope to raise £250,000 in four weeks.

Flaming Fowl Studios will have a closed beta for the Fable Fortune within a few weeks after the campaign’s end, an open beta on PC and Xbox One in October of this year, and is anticipating a full release of the game sometime late in 2017.

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