New Fable III Box Art and Stuff

on May 21, 2010 9:28 AM

New Fable III Box Art and Stuff

Fable III is making its way onto the Xbox 360 this year, and with that comes the glory of all things that is a “limited edition.”

Soon after the jump, you’ll bear witness to a couple of items that will be coming with Lionhead Studios’ Fable III boxset. For those of you who are into the whole “limited edition” thing, Fable III comes with a pretty nice set of goods. For one, the box cover is unique and comes on the inside of a book – you know, the ones people use in movies to stash valuable items. The appealing thing about this specific book-box concoction is that it comes with two compartments. One will hold the game, and the other – which slides from the middle – holds a grungy set of playing cards with a shiny token, which is the “Guild Seal” from the game. Hit the jump for more.

To add some more “umph” to the package, this pack comes with exclusive in-game content; and they give you a card to prove it! Of course, if you’re not too big on spending wads of cash for some extra assorted goodies,the game does come in a non-limited-edition format (i.e. standard $59.99 game). The box art isn’t as dynamic, but, hey, it’s still Fable III.

For the limited edition, you’ll be coughing up about $79.99, which isn’t as pricey as some would think. A list of the extras below:

  • A New Quest: Uncover the mystery of the haunted forests of Silverpines and earn the legendary sword, Wolfsbane – deadly against wolves and balverines.
  • Exclusive Locations: Unlock a new region, ideal for settling down with a family and discovering new treasures.
  • Fable III Playing Cards: Created by Lionhead, these cards depict every type of character in Fable III, including Heroes, royals and villains from across Albion and beyond.
  • Guild Seal Icon: The coin features a Good side (blue) and an Evil side (red) to assist players in making critical decision that will impact the fate of the world.
  • A New Dog Breed: Renowned for its loyalty, the Boxer is a brave canine companion worthy of greatest Queens and Kings.
  • One Unique Outfit: Unearth one male and female outfit from the mysterious faraway land of Aurora,a new destination in your Fable III adventures.

If you’re a Fable fan, this limited edition will fill your tummy with butterflies. Consider this an early announcement for those of you who need to save up.

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