New FFXIV Class Info

By Chad Awkerman

November 12, 2009

Final Fantasy XIV includes four disciplines – war, magic, hand and land.  Under those disciplines fall the various classes.  Square-Enix graced us with information on two new classes today, both under the war discipline.  Those two new classes are Gladiator (tank) and Pugilist (hand-to-hand melee combatant).

Here’s a description of them both, in Squeenix’s own words:


Gladiators are expert swordsmen, known for their battle prowess with blades of all designs: short and long, single- and double-edged, straight and curved.  They favor combat at close range, where they masterfully execute a deadly array of hacks and slashes.  The skill and pride of a gladiator instill such a confidence that they are said to never shun a fight.

For ages gladiatorial techniques have evolved and proliferated to a staggering degree, adapting to fit any combat style.  Dauntless gladiators will often ready sturdy shields in their off-hands, eager to defend comrades-in-arms.  Others opt to forego such encumbrance, focusing all effort instead on their sword arm and pure offense.  In addition, gladiators are also known to be formidable with throwing knives, and are master battle tacticians.


Pugilists are renowned for being rugged combatants tempered by ceaseless training and rigorous self-discipline.  Though formidable even when bare-fisted, through the use of hand-to-hand weaponry their destructive capabilities are compounded with the strength of metal, leather and bone.  They strive to close the distance between their opponents and themselves, as they outmatch nearly any adversary in close-quarters combat.  Some have become so adept at this maneuvering that they are able to negate the reach advantages of even the longest blade or spear.

Many are also known to be proficient with throwing implements such as the chakram.  Hurling them with massive force, the pugilist deftly negotiates the distance to his foe to deal his devastating strikes.

Both classes focus on close-range combat, but have a few different nuances than most would consider for such a class.  It’ll be interesting to see how these develop.  Below you’ll see some examples of the two classes, as well as a small variety of weapons that each class can use.  One thin that always impresses me about Square-Enix titles, especially their previous online offering – Final Fantasy XI – is their attention to detail in the armor and weaponry that your characters can use, and I think it’s safe to say this title will be no exception.

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