New Final Fantasy Type-0 Screenshots and Information Released

Square Enix released today a large batch of screenshots and artwork and some new information about Final Fantasy Type-0, that will be released in Japan for the PSP on the 27th.

There will be a Chocobo ranch, where it’ll be possible to breed new chocobos. that the player can capture on the world map. Also, some classic Final Fantasy monsters like Malboros, Tonberrys and Cactuars have been con firmed as present in the game.

A few new characters have also been introduced: Emina, Kazusa, Quon, Mutsuki, Ryid, Tiz and Lean.

Emina is a Suzaku officer in command of the cadets, popular between her peers (of both genders) because of her bright and cheerful personality. She also collects swimsuits, so we can expect a lot of fanservice with her as a protagonist. No swimsuit picture of her was shown, though.

Kazusa is the chief of the weapons research laboratory. He’s very well known due to his revolutionary research, and in his youth he was in the same class as Emina and Kurasame (the masked teacher of Class Zero). He’s still in friendly terms with both of them.

Mutsuki is a genius inventor, and always carries explosives around with her. She has a rather paranoid personality and is known to be a little trigger happy with her bombs, causing many to avoid her.

Quon is a magic researcher, but he shows absolutely no interest for the common magic studied by everyone else. He’s constantly looking for the ultimate magic.

Ryid has a very strong body due to the fact that his mother was a Lorican. He trains hard every day to use is strength to protect others.

Tiz is a misterious girl always wearing a red cape that partly covers her face. Nothing is known about her and she’s only available after completing the game once, but she seems to be somewhat related to Lean.

New abilities have also been detailed for the members of Class Zero:

Eight will be able to use Fist Explosion, to deal lethal explosive damage to the enemies consuming the action gauge.

Jack can use the Mujo Beni Fubuki (Red Furious Snowstorm), that is literally a double edged sword, as it deals very high damage to the enemy but also reduces Jack to 1 HP, leaving him on the verge of incapacitation.

Seven can use Elemental Whip: an elemental based attack that can change element between Ice, Fire and Lightning, controlled by the analog stick.

Sice can attack with the Psycho Vortex, an air-based tornado attack that sticks to the enemy and causes damage over time.

King has the ability to launch an explosive attack named Magazine Bomb. It does just what it says, as he throws several gun magazines to the enemy to cause a large explosion.

Trey can use Hit & Shield, that combines both an attack and a protective wall of fire.

Deuce uses Black Requiem, a point blank area of effect character that hits all the enemies around him up to a set distance, as he plays her music.

Cinque has the ability to use Full Swing. The player can charge this devastating single-hit attack by holding the attack button pressed.

Cater can use Toxic Bullets, wit the effects of creating a poisonous smoke that damages the enemies over time.

Finally, in the Suzaku Peristilium players will be able to find a crystarium that will allow them to access information about characters and monsters, and to watch past cutscenes again (which is something that every story-driven game should have, really)

You can see all the screenshots and artwork below. 

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