New Final Fantasy Type-0 Shots Show Off Battle Mechanics

Today we have some new screens from SquareEnix’s upcoming PSP RPG Final Fantasy Type-0. Needless to say, Famitsu had a new batch of screens today from the title, which shows off a lot of more specific battle mechanics, such as the Active World Map battles and the Kill Sight/Break Sight targeting. Hit the break for more.

Here’s a shot of an Active World Map battle, which takes place on a larger scale and with larger groups of characters than individual smaller battles. However, you still only directly control one character at this point. During the game, you can help liberate towns and other villages and reap the benefits of having that location on your side.

This is interesting – here we have Gilgamesh who, in this context, is a l’Cie. Yep, that term again. You thought you were done with it after you finished Final Fantasy XIII, didn’t you? While they removed the “XIII” from the title, Final Fantasy Type-0 is still set within that same mythos, so we will see overlapping terms, such as l’Cie. In this case, Gilgamesh is on a mission, and that mission apparently puts him directly in your path as a boss.

This dude is pretty much dead. In individual battles you have what are called “Kill Sight” and “Break Sight” shots. This one happens to be a Kill Sight shot (the red target), which means one-hit-kills. That’s bad news for this dude, about to meet the wrong end of a point-blank shot. Break Sight shots are less potent (yellow targets), but just as potentially devastating – they don’t immediately kill your enemy, they just do a large chunk of damage.

Check out these and the other seven new shots below.

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