New Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Adds Mini-Games, Connects Sazh and Chocolina

on February 23, 2012 10:45 AM

On February 28 Square Enix will drop the next round of DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2, a scenario focusing on Sazh Katzroy and titled “Heads or Tails?” Sazh and his son Dajh end up in Serendipity, the otherworldly casino removed from space and time.

The DLC introduces two new mini-games to the casino — a basic poker game, while the other is a variation on Texas Hold ‘Em – as well as a side quest. There is a mysterious connection between Sazh and our favorite half-avian travelling merchant, Chocolina. But what is it? Chocolina asks Sazh to find missing Chocobos, adding the Missing Young Chocobo Case to the game’s already impressive list of side quests.

“Heads or Tails?” releases next will and will run you 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and $4.99 via the PlayStation Network. Check out some new screenshots from the scenario after the cut.

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