New Final Fantasy XIV Media

on October 8, 2009 9:25 AM

PlayStation 3 and PC owners will be happy to hear that there are some new Final Fantasy XIV media for us to show you. Released today, these images – if it’s in game that is – will probably make the lot of you fans of the upcoming MMO secrete sticky liquids in your pants.

Final Fantasy XIV, which will be an “exclusive” MMO to both the PC platform and the PlayStation 3, bands together nations from the world of Eorzea in an effort to fight off a nation from the east, the Garlean Empire. However since the Garlean Empire never attacked, it left an army of these nation’s soldiers and mercenaries unemployed looking for work. In an attempt to raise their own form of work, these soldiers and mercenaries formed guilds and began calling themselves “adventurers.”

Below, you will get yourself a taste of what’s to come in the newest series of Square Enix’s upcoming online game. Monsters will be shown, and classes – Battle class and Craft class types – will also be shown just to get your mouth a little wet for what’s to come. Oh, and because we’re good guys, we’ll also include the TGS trailer just so you can slap yourself a bit. Enjoy.

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