New Final Fantasy XIV Producer Letter Shows Airships, Details the Future

New Final Fantasy XIV Producer Letter Shows Airships, Details the Future

Today Final Fantasy XIV‘s game director Naoki Yoshida published a new producer letter, showing the first picture of the airships that will be implemented in the game at the end of this month with patch 1.19 and detailed what’s going to come with subsequent patches 1.20 and 1.21, as the game continues it’s steady march towards improvement.

1.20 will introduce the second primal fight (the first, against Ifrit, will come with 1.19, my bet for the second is on Titan, what’s yours?), a full fledged achievement system for the achievement-addicts among us, new adjustments to the battle system, a reworking of the crowd control system, a rebalancing of actions between classes and of the ability to set other classes’ actions and a reform of the high quality crafting system.

1.21 will finally introduce the job system (with the classic Final Fantasy jobs like Paladin, Black Mage and others), the quests to unlock jobs and their abilities, two new instanced raids and Hamlet defense missions.

Spanning between 1.20 and 1.21, ongoing changes will encompass new quests and storyline quests, caravan escort missions, the addition of company-issued guildleves and the rebalancing of current ones, the rebalancing of behests, the addition of new ranks and items to the Grand Companies, the release of new NMs, the rebalancing of enemy attributes and distribution across the land and the addition of new crafting recipes.

While no firm date has been given for patches 1.20 and 1.21, looks like Final Fantasy XIV players have a lot to look forward to.