New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Video Shows Latest Build, Dungeon, Aranea and More; Looks Gorgeous

New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Video Shows Latest Build, Dungeon, Aranea and More; Looks Gorgeous

During a panel at PAX West in Seattle, Square Enix showcased a lot of gameplay footage from the latest build of Final Fantasy XV, that will be released on November 29th for PS4 and Xbox One.


The video starts with some driving, with Lead Designer Wan Hazmer at the helm. After that, we see the Balouve Mines, an extra dungeon that is actually quite dangerous, but it’s not part of the main story, so you can enter quite early in the game. The mines are based on a location that the team actually scouted in Japan.

Incidentally the new driving model (that is one of the recent improvements that we revealed earlier today after our char with Director Hajime Tabata) gives quite a lot of steering freedom, and you can drive on the wrong side of the road and crash on things. You can actually cause structural damage to the car.

The goblins in the mines can  actually steal your potions, and if you don’t defeat them quickly, they will use them. If you do, you can get them back. They can even throw mining carts against Noctis and his companions.

Enemies can also push you off ledges if you’re walking on an elevated track, causing you to fall all the way to the bottom.


We also get to see magic crafting, that lets players mix and match the elements found in the world (fire, ice and lightning) to create spells. You can also add items. For instance if you add potions, it will had a heal effect. You can also get spells like Quadcast: Fira-Thundara, casting both Fira and Thundara four times.

Using magic in the wrong place can be dangerous. Using Thundara on a metal surface proved quite hazardous, as the party can be electrocuted by it.

We also got a look at chocobo racing. You can select which one of your companions to race against at the beginning. The key is managing the chocobo’s stamina. Chocobos level up as you ride them.

Last, but not least, we get a look at an infiltration mission into an Niflheim base. We see a fight against a magitek armor, including the ability to damage separate parts. Incidentally, mechanical enemies are weak to Thunder.

Apprently, the final goal of the mission was to reunite with Iris (Gladio’s sister), and Aranea Highwind also made a flashy appearance before technical difficulties suddenly interrupted the panel. Apparently, she’s just too much of a bombshell for today’s circuits. It’s worth mentioning that it was just a problem with the venues breaker. The game did not crash.

After the interruption, we do see her fighting for a few seconds. You can check out the full recording below. Gameplay begins at the 00:24:30 mark.