New Game by Makoto Asada Teased by 5pb.; Will it Be Another Xbox One Exclusive?

New Game by Makoto Asada Teased by 5pb.; Will it Be Another Xbox One Exclusive?

Today 5pb. Executive Director Chiyomaru Shikura tweeted the picture of the key artwork of a new game presented at Comiket in Tokyo.

Shikura-san mentions that the visual is being presented at the Comiket booth of the developer, and it represents a milestone in the history of visuals novels. He also teases: “easy to understand, no?”

Many interpreted the tease as a remake of the classic YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world by Hiroyuki Kanno, released between 1997 and 1997 for PC-9801, Sega Saturn and PC.

The internal team Division 8/Asada Productions also tweeted part of the billboard that mentions that the game will be led by Makoto Asada and will involve the character design of Yuu Nagira. A teaser was also showcased on Division 8’s homepage (you can see it at the bottom of the post).

More information is expected tomorrow.

Shikura-san also mentioned that tomorrow the studio will do an official presentation of the already announced Xbox One exclusive Mistereet F Tantei-Tachi no Katenkoru.

Considering the involvement of Makoto Asada, it’s very possible that the new game will be another Xbox One exclusive, since Microsoft’s console has been Asada-san’s platform of choice so far. Of course it’s also possible that the poor performance of the console in Japan, which caused very low debut sales of Chaos;Child may have persuaded the studio to change route.

We’ll probably know more tomorrow.