New Gameplay Trailer for Depth Proves It May Be the Most Terrifying Multiplayer Game of 2012

At last year’s GDC, we were treated to an announcement trailer of Depth, an indie multiplayer that pits sharks against treasure hunting scuba divers. Yeah, that sounds like trying to make a tyrannosaurus fight a flock of kittens slathered in sriracha, but as the new trailer proves, it won’t be too lopsided.

The gameplay looks fairly simple: as scuba divers, your goal is to collect a specific quota of treasure, and the only slightly minor thing that stands in the way is sharks. The divers seem to have all sorts of gadgets to incapacitate the terrifying fish, if only for just long enough to grab as much treasure as possible. As for the sharks, well, they’re freakin sharks. Take a look at the new trailer after the jump.

Have to say, after watching that, the sharks don’t exactly look to have the overwhelming advantage as once believed. The fighting mechanic for them looks supremely interesting, and should prove to be a lot of fun, even if the thrashing scenes did cater to my greatest fears in an extremely unsettling way.

No word on a release date yet, but I hope it’s coming out sometime this year. Who knows; maybe sharks will finally dethrone zombies as the new gaming trend?

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Allen Park

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