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Kingdom Hearts III and Genesis Alpha One - Check Out Next Week's Biggest Games

Kingdom Hearts III and Genesis Alpha One headline next week's big physical releases You can still get both by launch day when pre-ordering on Amazon.

January 26, 2019

This January has been quite crowded with game releases, most of which are capitalizing on beloved series, whether that be via remasters, full-on remakes, or continuations of long-dormant but beloved series. This continues into the final week of January as well, as this week’s releases are headlined by the Square Enix’s long awaited Kingdom Hearts III. 

On the indie side of things, Team17 is releasing Genesis Alpha One, a roguelike that should scratch your sci-fi itch before games like Anthem land next month. If you are shopping online and want to get either Kingdom Hearts III or Genesis Alpha One physically on launch day, you’ll need to pre-order soon. You can find affiliate links for these titles below. Links like these help DualShockers stay running as an independent source of news coverage and opinions that are less mainstream.


Kingdom Hearts III

The next bombshell release of 2018, Kingdom Hearts III, will finally be releasing in North America next week. Kingdom Hearts II released for PS2 all they way back in 2005, and has been followed by several spin-offs with complicated titles that were all important in some way to the series’ overarching plot. Finally, after years of build up in other games and a lengthy period since its announcement, we’ll finally be able to experience the conclusion to Kingdom Hearts’ story.

While some interviews have seemed to suggest that Final Fantasy won’t be represented as strongly, the game still features several Disney world based on Tangled, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Big Hero 6, Winnie the Pooh, Hercules, Frozen, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Kingdom Hearts III also makes some strides to gameplay by making it smoother and encouraging the change of keyblade forms more.

That being said, you probably already know that if you’re a die-hard Kingdom Hearts fan. If you still haven’t pre-ordered the game or GameStop recently screwed you out of a Limited Edition PS4 order, you can finally pre-order the game for PS4 or Xbox One with the links below:

Genesis Alpha One

If AAA titles or fantasy Disney-themed JRPGs aren’t your cup of tea, Team17 and Radiation Blue will be releasing Genesis Alpha One, a sci-fi roguelike first person shooter, this week as well. If those three genre buzzwords didn’t capture your attention, I’d be very surprised. For those of you who don’t know about the game, Genesis Alpha One puts players in control of the captain of the Genesis starship. Its mission: find a new home for humanity, which is on the brink of extinction.

This ship is exploring a procedurally generated universe, starting a gameplay loop of exploring alien planets to fight extraterrestrial creatures, gather materials, clone creatures, and upgrade the Genesis. While roguelikes and procedurally generated games are quite common nowadays, Genesis Alpha One does put an interesting twist on things to keep players invested.

Genesis Alpha One’s physical release, which is being distrusted by Sold Out, is one of the first notable indie game retail releases this year and I’m sure many more will follow suit. If Genesis Alpha One has piqued your interest, you can pre-order it for either PS4 or Xbox One with the affiliate links below:

When it comes to other notable releases coming this week, you all can also look forward to Inti Creates’ Dragon Marked for Death, Soedesco’s 8-Bit Hordes, and Chucklefish’s highly anticipated Advance Wars spiritual successor Wargroove. As always, thanks for taking the time to read through this article and possibly pre-order one of these two games, helping DualShockers in the process. We hope you all have a great weekend!

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