New Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Trailer is Full of Action and “Multiplayer With a Purpose”

on April 12, 2012 2:00 PM

A new multiplayer trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has been released showing off some of the action you’ll be experiencing when the game launches next month. The trailer touts the outing as “multiplayer with a purpose” and it certainly seems to have a tighter experience than previous entries in the series which were certainly no slouches.

In addition some details on the various modes that will be available have been released which is sure to excite more than a handful of people. Check out the trailer and the multiplayer details after the break. 

  • Up to 12 players in 6 Vs 6 matches for a fast-paced, intense online experience
  • 4 game modes (Conflict, Saboteur, Decoy, Siege) focused on objectives and cooperation
  • Select from 3 classes (Rifleman, Engineer and Scout) and unlock new gear to battle online across 10 maps
  • Gain XP points to level up, customize and progress your character
  • Gather intel on enemies’ positions and seamlessly share it with teammates
  • Use the suppression system to pin enemies down while teammates flank

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