New God Eater 2 Info, Artwork and Screenshots Introduce Returning Character, Aragami, Link Support System

on September 27, 2013 4:33 AM

Namco Bandai just released a new batch of information, artwork and screenshots of God Eater 2, that is going to hit the shelves in Japan on November the 14th.

We meet¬†Lindow Amamiya, returning from the first game. He’s one of the most experienced in the team and while he’s still a bit too easy going, but he never refrains from fighting on the front lines. He’s been away for a long time while pursuing the Aragami, but he comes back during the sequel.¬†

Secondly, we see the Aragami Spartacus, of the same family of the Hannibal that used to be the flagship enemy of Gods Eater Burst. It’s able to harness the power of lightning and to absorb the power of the other Aragami around it to increase its own. While it’s in its powered up state a set of energy blades will appear on its back. Since this actually weakens the other affected Aragami, players could actually take advantage of it.

Finally, the “Link Support System” is introduced. It allows players to select up to three characters to perform a supporting, non-combat role during missions. This will trigger beneficial effects like for instance a Level 3 burst three minutes after the start of the mission.

Effects will vary depending on what characters are selected, but they can’t be used to fight in the mission itself.

You can check out a gallery of screenshots and illustrations related to the elements described above just below.

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