New Gran Turismo 5 Screenshots

on October 10, 2009 3:56 PM

I’m seriously speculating whether or not the people over at Polyphony Digital are derived from heavenly bodies with creativity levels far beyond our own, and secret hidden technology. I say this because after viewing the newest Gran Turismo 5 screenshots, I was momentarily stuck in a subconscious limbo trying to process exactly what I was ogling – and, for a game, this thing does not look man made.

After you glance at these images that we’ve provided below, you’ll begin to question whether or not these are, in fact, images from the game, or real-life photos of cars. Unless Sony’s PR people are secretly promoting Mercedes’ and Lamborghini’s for some extra pocket change, I see no reason to consider these images faulty – especially seeing that the majority of the images have the Gran Turismo 5 logo on them, unless some loser is really desperate to promote this game and Photoshop that shit on there.

But, enough with the chatter. I’m sure you guys want to see the images and drool. Check out the newest GT5 screenies, my impatient little readers you.

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