New Guided Fate Paradox Trailer Gives You The 101 On Playing God

on September 10, 2013 10:37 PM

It must be hard being God: especially when you have the power to completely change a person’s life. It must be even harder when you’re a teenaged school boy like Renya, who became God after winning a special lottery.

That’s why Lilliel, Renya’s specially-assigned angel partner, is here with a new Guided Fate Paradox trailer video from Nippon Ichi Software America, showcasing a little more of the game and just how you’ll go about changing the world.

As the video shows, you’ll meet characters in Guided Fate Paradox–such as Cinderella–who will wish for particular things that only you can make happen by venturing into the Copy World. Using the Fate Revolution Circuit, players can only affect the “Original World” by exploring the “Copy World,” and taking on the evil denizens that lurk there. The trailer also shows how the Copy World will be full of traps and enormous enemies that you’ll have to defeat to complete your goals.

Guided Fate Paradox is set to release to the PS3 on November 5th in North America, and a little earlier in Europe, on October 25th. For more details on the gameplay, mechanics and customization options (which will allow you to equip everything from a Prinny hat to “Boomstick” arms), check out the first details and trailer; for a closer look at the game, check out the screenshots and box art, and the official Guided Fate Paradox website.

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