New Guilty Gear Game Not a Fighter

New Guilty Gear Game Not a Fighter


Fans of AKSYS and their significant affinity for the Fighting genre have been clamoring for a proper new Guilty Gear game for quite some time. While its most recent lovechild BlazBlue is more than satiating, nothing really beats the light speed game play seemingly made for the hyperactive gamer introduced in that beloved series.


That’s what made the discovery of Furo Jump!! Guilty Gear Gaiden!? so very disappointing. This Japanese game is coming to the Nintendo  DSi as a downloadable title next month and will be priced at 500 DSiWare points. Apparently it is a kind of platformer and will be related to the GG canon either slightly or not at all.

So does this dispel the rumors of a new Guilty Gear game being developed? Perhaps and perhaps not. If you’re listening AKSYS, I think I speak for the majority of your fan base when I ask; when will we see the next Guilty Gear Fighting title?