New Guilty Gear Trailer Features May and Axl Low

May is cute in the new Guilty Gear and has an uncanny resemblance with Bakemonogatari's Nadeko.

As they promised, Arc System Works released a new trailer for the next Guilty Gear game at CeoTaku 2019 on September 29. Accompanied with the usual Ishiwatari-esque BGM, the trailer shows some of May’s new moves and reveals Axl Low as the next character to be featured. May also eerily looks like Bakemonogatari‘s Nadeko. It’s gonna be funny when people who don’t know Guilty Gear was first will say Arcyss copied her. Anyway, let’s take a look:

We get to see more of the stage change mechanic, and how it has different camera work used depending on the situation. During the stage event dedicated to Guilty Gear at Tokyo Game Show 2019, Daisuke Ishiwatari and Akira Katano explained how they particularly detailed the characters’ facial animations. And how it’s basically “3D Sakuga“. You can really see that with the tons of different expressions May goes through when she unleashes her Super. At TGS 2019, they most notably mentioned the stage change mechanic has actual gameplay mechanics embedded to it and isn’t a simple stage change. We’ve translated all the event here if you wanna read more.

The new Guilty Gear game will be playable at ArcREVO America 2019, held from November 16 to November 17 in Los Angeles. Another trailer will be published at SEA Major Singapore 2019 on October 12-13.

While the next Guilty Gear has no platforms officially announced yet, we already know it’ll be at least coming to PS4 because that’s what it was listed for on TGS 2019 official schedules.

Daisuke Ishiwatari also spoke about how the next Guilty Gear will be a “complete rebuild of the series”. The message also mentions how “this newest title is being developed with one goal in mind: To create a game that both new and existing players alike would want to get their hands on.”. As such, some are worrying the series will lose its complexity or depth. I personally think it’s too early to tell, and it’s also important to note simplicity doesn’t necessarily mean without depth. Making a game so more people can play it and with a proper training mode, etc, to make them improve is always something good in my book, and I don’t get why some are worrying.

New Guilty Gear (tentative title) is scheduled to launch in 2020.

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