Upcoming New Gundam Breaker Patch Plans Detailed on Bandai Namco’s Twitter

Upcoming New Gundam Breaker Patch Plans Detailed on Bandai Namco’s Twitter

Bandai Namco reveals some upcoming plans for much-needed patches for New Gundam Breaker on Twitter, apologizing for any issues players have experienced.

New Gundam Breaker received a somewhat shaky launch last week with players and critics alike complaining that it was in a rough state in nearly every way. While Bandai Namco can’t change that fact, they are trying to improve the game post-launch with a series of patches illustrated on their Twitter.

According to these patch plans, July will see:

  • The responsiveness of the controls and stability of the game will be improved.
  • The behavior of the camera and lock-on system will be adjusted.
  • Changes will be made to the behavior of the ‘third party,’ as well as to parts falling off due to damage from them. Whether this is the opponent team or neutral forces are not clear.
  • During a multiplayer match, you will acquire parts that your teammates have gathered at the end of a match.
  • Various lines will be added for radio chat.
  • Various parameters will be adjusted.

Next up, August will also be getting a patch rollout that will focus on the following:

  • Changes will be made to the sorting feature when in the assembly area
  • A new battle stage will be added
  • The ability to create private rooms for three-versus-three battles will be added
  • The ability to have three players face CPU players will be added

As of right now, though, New Gundam Breaker appears to be in a pretty sorry state but promises to improve. This is good news for PC players, who won’t be able to purchase the PC version until later this year due to a delay and will benefit directly from this patch. PS4 players who experienced the somewhat rocky launch of the game may have something to look forward to in the coming months, but only time will tell. Though the notes made are somewhat vague, it will hopefully go a long way towards improving the overall stability and playability of the game for fans of the series.

New Gundam Breaker released June 22nd for PS4 and sometime this summer for PC. The PS4 version can be ordered on Amazon right now if you’re interested.

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