New Halo: 343 Industries Making “Great Progress” with Multiplayer Focus; E3 Trailer Was a “Concept”

New Halo: 343 Industries Making “Great Progress” with Multiplayer Focus; E3 Trailer Was a “Concept”

Microsoft Game Studios President Phil Spencer has been talking about the next Halo for Xbox One quite a bit lately, and today a fan asked him on Twitter whether the trailer at last year’s E3 was representative of what we can expect from the engine of the game. He explained that it was just a concept:

Last year’s halo piece was a concept around MC’s journey.

Of course he also mentioned that no one ever tried to pass that off at gameplay. That sparked a further question, asking how the actual game compares against the trailer. Spencer’s answer was a bit evasive, but definitely interesting:

Now you are trying to get me in trouble. All I can say is 343i is making great progress with MP a big focus right now.

The fan also mentioned a rumor about two modes, Arena and Battlefield, the latter of which would have big maps and 64 players with vehicles. Spencer didn’t confirm, but mentioned that they were good ideas:

Some good ideas there, I’m writing them down…

As an added bonus, Spencer also admitted that the Xbox team needs to improve installation times, and gave some information on what kind of first party titles we can expect from the Studios:

We want unique and quality games, preferably genres 3rd parties aren’t doing as no reason for us to compete with them.

Speaking about third party games, Phil seems to be really excited for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, also finding words of praise for the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077:

I’m pretty excited for The Witcher 3, was great at E3 last year. I know it’s not exclusive but looks epic.

Can’t say Spencer doesn’t have good taste there. Finally, he also mentioned that the studios experimented with real time ray tracing:

We‘ve done experiments with Realtime Raytracing. A ton of potential with this tech, amazing visuals.

One thing is for sure: E3 can’t come soon enough, Halo fans have waited long for the game to be unveiled, and I have a feeling that with all the buildup we’re going to be shown something spectacular.