New Halo: Collateral Damage Comic Book Mini-Series Announced

New Halo: Collateral Damage Comic Book Mini-Series Announced

The latest Halo comic book mini-series, Halo: Collateral Damage, will follow the antics of Blue Team on a colony world and releases on June 6.

Master Chief and Blue Team are arguably some of the most badass characters in the realm of science fiction, and thanks to a new three-part mini-series Halo: Collateral Damage, we’re going to get to know even more about their Spartan adventures.

The mini-series follows Blue Team on a UNSC deployment to a chaotic colony world to strike down the Covenant before they are able to uncover something below the planet’s surface. As with many deployments in the Covenant War, things don’t go exactly as planned. Luckily, Spartan-IIs are the best Spartans (don’t @ me).

This addition to the Halo canon also means that we get to see more interactions between John, Fred, Kelly, and Linda, which, at least I, crave on a regular basis.

The series is written by Alex Irvine (Halo: Rise of Atriox #4, Iron Man: The Rapture, Dark Sun) and imagined by artist Dave Crosland and colorist Leonard O’Grady.

The first issue of Halo: Collateral Damage goes on sale June 6 of this year and is available for pre-order at local comic book shops.

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