New Hellblade Dev Diary Dives Into World Creation

October 13, 2014

Ninja Theory is back with a new dev diary on Hellblade, the PS4 exclusive that the team announced back in August during the Gamescom PlayStation press conference.

Developer Dominic Matthews wrote on the PlayStation Blog today about the video and the process behind the development of Hellblade. The game was announced only four months into development and has a relatively small team working on the project. Such an early announcement is uncommon in video games and was very calculated move to try and involve the community and be very open with the games creation.

Dominic said in the blog post,

The standard approach is for games and their development to be hidden away, with details slowly drip fed to players very carefully and slowly over time. But we want to do the opposite. We announced early so that we could start sharing our development approach, creative exploration and decision making from the very beginning.

Getting a very transparent look into the development of a game like Hellblade is certainly rare and getting to listen to the thoughts behind world creation is fascinating to say the least. Breaking down the process of how they are creating Hellblade by first crafting a massive world that players can get lost in and then letting game play designers work within it should provide a unique backbone to create interesting experiences in the Viking inspired setting.


Let me know what you think of the world building being done in Hellblade in the comments below and look forward to seeing the completed game some time late in 2015.

Andrew Matt

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