New Hitman Absolution Trailer Features Sexy Nuns and Explosions

on May 30, 2012 10:30 AM

A new trailer has been released for Hitman Absolution that is going to seem a little odd to fans of the franchise as it seems to be showing off a different side of Agent 47. The trailer features a group of sexy nuns sent by Agent 47’s former employer, the ICA. The sexy nuns (called “The Saints” officially, though I prefer “sexy nuns”) appear to have tracked Agent 47 down to wherever he’s hiding from with the intent of blowing him up, but he of course has other ideas.

The trailer is clearly meant to just grab your attention and while it does feel a little off for the Hitman franchise I wouldn’t think too much into this one way or the other yet though it has a very distinct feel to it. Is it just me or does this feel more like something out of a Robert Rodriguez movie than a Hitman game?

Either way check out the trailer below and see for yourself. I mean, who doesn’t like sexy nuns? 

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