New Homefront "Fight for Freedom" Trailer Tries to Convince Us It's Not Modern Warfare 2

By Allen Park

January 6, 2011

The new dev diary for THQ and Kaos’ upcoming invasion FPS Homefront shows that they’re really doing their hardest to step out of the shadows of other military shooters, most notably Modern Warfare 2, and personally, I think they might succeed fantastically.

The developers really do a great job explaining that no, this isn’t some game where you’re going to be mowing down 50-100 guys in one level; they realize doing so only cheapens the fact that you’re actively killing humans with no remorse or emotional reservation. It finally looks like someone’s trying to take the “shock value” elements of recent Call of Duty games and expand on them with some emotional gravity, and I have to applaud them for it. In one scene it looks like you can make the choice to put some North Koreans out of their misery or let them burn alive after a massive fuel explosion. “No Russian”, eat your heart out.

I don’t know how to feel about all the branding proudly displayed in the game, though. While they say it’s to make the player feel more emotionally invested in the world, I don’t know if it actually does so. And the North Koreans are using a Circuit City as a base of operations? Wonder what’d happen if it were a business that were still active, like a Costco or a Best Buy? See the full trailer after the jump, and judge for yourself.

Homefront invades US shores on March 8 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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