New Infinite Crisis Champion Profile Introduces The Arcane Green Lantern

New Infinite Crisis Champion Profile Introduces The Arcane Green Lantern

Another Infinite Crisis Champion Profile, another alternate-reality hero introduced: this time, from the Arcane Earth, comes the Arcane Green Lantern, Sir Harold Jordan, who fights alongside his fellow Order of Emerald Knights against the creatures of The Black.

A little backstory: young Harold was only a child when the Shadow League unleashed The Black. Monsters poured from the darkness to slay everything in their path, and only with the timely intervention of the famed Emerald Knight Alan Scott did Harold survive, if not the rest of his family. Raised by the legendary Scott, Sir Harold Jordan, the champion Green Lantern of the Arcane Earth, fights as a shining beacon of strength and will upon any battlefield who fights on.

As the Champion Profile video shows below, the Arcane Green Lantern is a mixed Support and Enforcer class, allowing him to increase allies stats and defend them simultaneously, with essential skills like:

  • Emerald Lantern: which throws his lantern at a target location to deal power damage, grant vision, and give allies an Attack Armor boost;
  • Emerald Light: which strikes enemies and can regains the health of allies over time;
  • Construct Champion: which creates a stained-glass knight construct, deal power damage, knocks enemies into the air, and allows the Arcane Green Lantern to teleport to its location when activated a second-time to dispel it;
  • Shackles: which slows down enemies, and upon dissolution, roots nearby enemies to the ground;
  • And Green Lantern’s ultimate, Deny The Black: which extends the Emerald Lantern skill’s vision, placed Emerald Light on enemies, and teleports the Arcane Green Lantern to an ally to shield them.

The video also encourages players to use the Construct Champion skill to give away from enemies or over walls, and to use Shackles to chase down enemies to throw your Lantern at. Also, as a protector and healer of your allies, keeping aware of them at all times and using your ultimate is paramount in keeping your team alive.

Turbine Games encourage prospective players to sign up for the Infinite Crisis Closed Beta and join the Founders Program, which unlocks special perks and assets depending on the tier players pledge. For more details on the game, including tons of more profile videos, check out all of DualShockers’ Infinite Crisis news.