New Info About Aion 3.0 Leaks Out of Korea

New Info About Aion 3.0 Leaks Out of Korea

It’s been some time, but a special trailer was released a while ago by NCSoft that showcases many of the changes, additions and improvements that the developers in Korea would like to make to the fairly popular MMO. In it was shown things like a graphical overhaul, pets and mounts, as well as player and guild housing. Some of these have already been implemented with the release of Aion 2.0 and the Assault on Balauria expansion last year. Then again, we haven’t seen any mention of mounts or player housing yet, outside of that original trailer.

That may be about to change, as word on the street is that both ground and flying mounts, as well as player housing will be included in Aion 3.0, which is the next gigantic content update (and possibly expansion?) for the game.


Player housing will be customizable – both with colors, styles and layouts, as well as items and accessories you can decorate with (many of which will be built by crafters). You’ll be able to enjoy this new content starting at level 21, which doesn’t take too long at all to achieve. The mounts will work like many pets, and need to be hatched from eggs. No word yet on if you’ll be able to partake in combat on your flying mount like you can with your character’s wings.

There has been no official announcement by the game’s Western publisher, NCSoft, about “Aion 3.0”, but if the news in Korea proves true, it probably won’t be much longer before we hear something and possibly even see some sort of roadmap to greater destinations that version of the game may take all those Daevas out there. Check out the original “Vision” trailer below to get an idea of what they envision the game to be.